REPORT: White House Moves to Designate Egypt’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ a ‘Foreign Terror Organization’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.30.19

The Trump administration has been working behind-the-scenes in recent weeks to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood a “foreign terrorist organization,” a move that would impose stiff new sanctions on Egypt’s “oldest Islamist movement.”

“The president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern and this designation is working its way through the internal process,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi reportedly made the request to President Trump during his recent trip to Washington.

“Sisi, who ousted President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013 and was elected president the following year, has overseen a crackdown on Islamists as well as liberal opposition in Egypt,” reports Reuters.

Read the full report here.

DEVELOPING: President Trump Designates Iranian Revolutionary Guard a ‘Terror Organization’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.08.19

President Trump moved to formally designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a “foreign terror organization” Monday; ramping up pressure on the Islamic Republic as they continue to advance their nuclear and missile programs.

“The announcement, which officials said would put the military organization on the same level as terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, is the latest administration step to increase pressure on Iran,” reports Fox News.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hailed the President’s decision hours after the announcement; citing the group’s involvement in terror plots across the Middle East and beyond.

“This designation is a direct response to an outlaw regime and should surprise no one,” he said. “The IRGC masquerades as a legitimate military organization, but none of us should be fooled.”

“If you are doing business with the IRGC, you will be bankrolling terrorism. This action sends a clear message to Tehran that its support for terrorism has serious consequences,” added the President.

Read the full report at Fox News.

A NEW LOW: Women’s March Co-Founder Calls HUMAN SHIELDS ‘Brave’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.15.18

The outspoken co-founder of the Women’s March organization found herself at the center of another controversy Tuesday; slamming the United States embassy celebration in Israel and referring to the terrorist tactic of using ‘human shields’ as ‘brave.’

Tamika Mallory made national headlines after she posted her stunning critique on social media this week, saying the United States “turns the blind eye” to “abuse everyday.”


One user took exception to Mallory’s fierce rhetoric, saying “It takes a special kind of evil to sacrifice your people for the cameras.”

The Women’s March co-founder fired-back, saying “Or bravery! Depends on how you look at it!”

Mallory was thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year after her attendance at a Louis Farrakhan speech raised questions over her relationship with the religious leader; listening in silence for nearly 3 hours as Farrakhan railed against the “Satanic Jew.”

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