REPORT: Rhode Island Official Supports Vandalism of Christopher Columbus Statues

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.16.19

A city official in Rhode Island publicly praised vandals who viciously attacked a statue of Christopher Columbus this week; saying the move sparked a necessary “dialogue” within the community.

“Providence City Councilor Katherine Kerwin said Wednesday that she supports removing the statue, which was doused in red paint Monday and had a sign placed at its base that read: ‘stop celebrating genocide,’” reports Fox News.

“I don’t know who did it, but they created a really healthy dialogue in Providence,” Kerwin, who serves on the council’s committee on city property and the committee on public works, told WPRO News.

“I stand with them,” she added.

“Native American groups have long voiced opposition to celebrating Columbus Day. Contemporary reports have depicted the explorer as a tyrannical colonial administrator who oversaw a genocide of local native peoples. Several states and hundreds of cities have renamed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day to honor those killed by European settlers,” adds Fox.

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