REPORT: More than 100 ‘Gang Members’ from El Salvador Arrested at US-Border Since October

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.24.19

Over 100 “gang members” from El Salvador have been arrested at the US-Mexico border since last October; highlighting the escalating danger posed by unfettered immigration and the United States’ porous southern border.

“More than 100 gang members from El Salvador are among the massive wave of migrants that’s poured across the border in recent months, with nearly 400 illegal immigrants nabbed trying to cross en masse last week,” writes Fox News.

“The arrests come as a reminder that, while the partial government shutdown — largely over border security disagreements — stretches into its 34th day, smuggling operations along the southern border continue,” adds the article.

The revelation comes days after an illegal immigrant was linked to at least four separate murders in Nevada in a one-week period; with officials confirming the man was residing in the region illegally.

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