REPORT: LA Council Pres Slashing Police Budget Had ‘Personal LAPD Detail’ Outside Home for 3 Months

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.09.20

A new report from the Los Angeles Times and Spectrum News Channel 1 revealed Tuesday that the LA Councilmember calling major reductions in the city’s police budget had a private LAPD detail camped outside her home between April and June.


“LA Council Pres. Nury Martinez, who introduced a motion to cut #LAPD’s budget by $150 million, had a private LAPD protection detail camped at her home from April to June. It was called off the night we called to ask her team about it,” posted one reporter.

RAT CITY: LAPD Officers Diagnosed with Typhus, Other Diseases Linked to Massive Rat Infestation

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.30.19

Multiple officers serving with the Los Angeles Police Department were diagnosed this week with Typhus and other diseases related to the city’s exploding rat population.

“An officer at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Station has contracted Salmonella Typhi, the bacteria that causes typhoid fever, and another is suspected of contracting typhus, a disease carried by rats and fleas, the LAPD told the I-Team Wednesday,” reports NBC Los Angeles.

“Typhoid fever is a life-threatening illness, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Typhoid fever is rare in industrialized countries like the United States, per the CDC,” adds the article.

Los Angeles continued its ongoing struggle with rampant homelessness and crumbling infrastructure weeks ago, with residents complaining of “rotting trash piles” that are attacking rats and posing a major risk to the health of residents and tourists.

“Rat-infested piles of rotting garbage left uncollected by the city of Los Angeles, even after promises to clean it up, are fueling concerns about a new epidemic after last year’s record number of flea-borne typhus cases,” reports NBC Los Angeles.

“Even the city’s most notorious trash pile, located between downtown LA’s busy Fashion and Produce districts, continues to be a magnet for rats after it was cleaned up months ago. The rodents can carry typhus-infected fleas, which can spread the disease to humans through bacteria rubbed into the eyes or cuts and scrapes on the skin, resulting in severe flu-like symptoms,” adds the article.

“I can’t walk down the street without thinking that a flea could jump on me,” complained a local business owner.

“It’s something that we’ll look into,” said Pepe Garica, of Los Angeles’ bureau of sanitation.

The nation’s second largest city is also home to some of the country’s worst traffic conditions.

REPORT: Sen. Harris Given LAPD Security Detail in OTHER CITIES, Racks up $28,000 BILL

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.10.18

A bombshell new report from NBC News published over the weekend reveals Sen. Kamala Harris retained a tax-payer funded security detail provided by the Los Angeles Police Department even while traveling to other cities throughout the state.

“Armed, plain-clothes LAPD officers were dispatched to California cities outside of Los Angeles at least a dozen times to provide security for U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris at public events, media appearances, and a party,” reports NBC.

The report shows Los Angeles tax-payers paid for air travel, hotel accommodations, vehicle rentals, pricey meals, and other expenses while protecting the potential 2020 candidate.

The total bill -without police overtime pay- came in at approximately $28,000.

“Between January 2017 and July 2018 the records show LAPD officers flew to San Francisco at least seven times, including a trip in April 2017, when Harris gave TV interviews, a trip in March 2018 for a speech at a YMCA event, and a visit in June 2018, to escort Harris to the San Francisco Pride parade, where LAPD officers were visible in video and pictures captured along the parade route,” adds the report.

Read the full story at NBC News.

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