REPORT: Congresswoman Accused of ‘Anti-Semitic Slur’ after Calling Trump ‘Motherf***er’

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.08.19

A recently sworn-in Democratic congresswoman found herself in hot-water for the second time this week; reportedly using an ‘anti-Semitic slur’ on social media after calling President Trump a ‘motherf***er.’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib came under fire from GOP legislators after posting what many consider an “anti-Semitic dog whistle” on Twitter.

“Less than a week after issuing a profanity-infused call to impeach President Trump on her first day in office, Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib is under fire from Republican politicians and commentators for openly posting what they call an anti-Semitic dog whistle on Twitter,” writes Fox News.

“They forgot what country they represent,” posted Tlaib after GOP leaders stopped legislation that would punish US companies that boycott Israel.

“This is the U.S. where boycotting is a right & part of our historical fight for freedom & equality. Maybe a refresher on our U.S. Constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away,” she added.

Read the full story at Fox News.

'NO BIG DEAL': Pelosi Refuses to Condemn Colleague Who Called Trump ‘Motherf***er’

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.04.19

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn a fellow Democrat who viciously called President Trump a ‘motherf***er’ just hours after being sworn in; saying “I’m not in the censorship business.”

Pelosi was asked to comment on Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s fiery speech at an event hosted by Thursday night; telling a crowd of supporters the Democrats are “going to impeach that motherf***er!”

“I probably have a generational reaction to it,” Pelosi said. “But in any event, I’m not in the censorship business. I don’t like that language, I wouldn’t use that language. I don’t … establish any language standards for my colleagues, but I don’t think it’s anything worse than what the president has said.”

“Generationally, that would not be language I would use, but nonetheless, I don’t think we should make a big deal of it,” she added.

Read the full story at Fox News.

MIDTERM AGENDA: Michigan Democrat Vows to ‘ABSOLUTELY’ Vote Against Aid to Israel

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.14.18

The recent winner of the Michigan Democratic primary vowed Tuesday she would “absolutely” vote against financial aid to Israel; saying the Jewish State routinely attacks “the unarmed” and discriminates based on “skin color.”

Liberal candidate Rashida Tlaib slammed Netanyahu’s government during a recent interview, saying financial aid from the United States government should be used “as leverage” to stop Israeli Forces from defending its citizens against Hamas attacks in Gaza.

“U.S. aid should be leverage,” she said. “If you’re going to be a country that discriminates on somebody solely based on their faith, solely based on their skin color … to me, that doesn’t fit our value of our country.”

“I will be using my position as a member of Congress to say no country, not one, should be able to get aid from us, the American people -who talk about justice and equality and stopping discrimination- to say a country can come and get aid from us when they still promote that kind of injustice that I saw in Detroit,” she added.

Watch Tlaib’s fiery comments above.

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