PELOSI PIVOTS: Dems Abandon DACA, Run on ‘Obamacare SABOTAGE’ in 2018

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.15.18

Democratic Party leadership and potential 2018 candidates are abandoning their fight for DACA-recipients and increased gun control months before the midterms; uniting behind Obamacare and accusing the GOP of ‘sabotaging’ the failing healthcare law.

According to Politico, Democrats plan on running behind Obamacare “for the first time in a decade,” saying candidates plan on attacking their Republican opponents for trying to strike-down President Obama’s signature legislative achievement.

“That’s a big change from four election cycles of reluctance to talk about Obamacare on the stump. During those campaigns, red-state Democrats were often on the defensive,” writes Politico.

Democrats hope the united messaging can help forge a nationwide pitch to voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections after months of infighting between the progressive wing of the party and DNC leadership.

Despite the “one big unifying factor” of outright opposition to President Trump, it remains unclear how the Democratic party plans to appease gun control activists and Obamacare supporters within Republican-leaning districts.