PELOSI PANNED: Steve Scalise Tells Pelosi to Negotiate with Trump or STEP ASIDE

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.18.19

Rep. Steve Scalise demanded Nancy Pelosi resume negotiations with President Trump Friday or step aside entirely; saying she should “authorize someone else” to spearhead budget talks with the White House.

Scalise was speaking with Fox News when he weighed-in on the longest government shutdown in American history after President Trump abruptly canceled the Speaker’s international trip.

“Hopefully it provides her more opportunity to go and sit down with the president, because President Trump has been clear from the beginning of this,” Scalise said. “He’s laid out what the security experts have said it’ll take to keep our country safe and secure the border.”

“She’s refused to offer anything on the table. It’s time for that to end. She’s got to start negotiating or release everybody else and let someone else negotiate for her since she’s been unable to at least show any willingness,” Scalise added.

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