PELOSI FIGHTS BACK: Liberal Groups Threaten ‘BACKLASH’ Against ‘Never Nancy’ Democrats

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.20.18

Liberal activists and organizations throughout the country threw their support behind Nancy Pelosi this week; warning ‘Never Nancy’ progressives of a fierce “backlash” should they oppose her leadership.

“As Nancy Pelosi faces a grueling fight with her own members to regain the speaker’s gavel in January, pro-Pelosi left-wing activist groups are warning of a ‘backlash’ against House Democrats who oppose her,” writes Fox News.

“We strongly support and call on all members of the Democratic caucus to support @NancyPelosi for Speaker. Were it not for her skilled and effective leadership, the ACA would not be law today. Dems must reject attempts to defeat her and move caucus to the right,” tweeted MoveOn.org.

“If right-wing Democrats end up helping Republicans by voting against Nancy Pelosi as speaker, they can expect to face serious backlash from the same energized and mobilized base of progressive voters that just brought Democrats a majority in the House. Which certainly could extend to primaries,” added the left-wing organization.