PANIC MODE: AOC Warns Social Media of ‘Climate-Vulnerable Foods’ Like Grapes, Coffee, Berries, MORE

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.09.19

Controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez retweeted an article from Vox Thursday; warning her social media followers of “climate-vulnerable” foods like grapes and coffee.

“Here are some of the most climate-vulnerable foods we could lose: – coffee – wine grapes – olives – berries, citrus and stone fruits – almonds – avocados – alfalfa that feed cattle,” claims the post.

“Imagine waking up in a world that has become so hot and so crowded that most of what you eat has disappeared from the grocery store altogether,” warns the article. “Or imagine eating only genetically engineered foods or a diet of exclusively liquid meal replacements.”

Earlier this month, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez published a similar warning regarding melting glaciers; posting a video that showed an average summer ice-melt to highlight the risks posed by climate change.

“This is what sea level rise looks like. Those who argue that a #GreenNewDeal is too ambitious don’t see that glacial melt isn’t waiting – in fact, it’s happening at a much faster rate than predicted. We don’t have time to argue. We need to act – on a massive scale,” posted the Congresswoman on social media.

The temperature in Greenland is currently is 22 Celsius, approximately 72 Fahrenheit.

Read the full article at Vox.