OUT OF CONTROL: NYC ‘Subway Surfer’ Released After 18th Arrest, Responsible for Hundreds of Delays

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.06.19

New York City’s so-called “Subway Surfer” was arrested -and released without bail- for the 18th time this week; enraging commuters who have dealt with hundreds of delays due to the unauthorized rider.

“A Brooklyn man who was arrested for the 18th time for subway crimes that police say have caused hundreds of delays for commuters was released without bail, officials said,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

“Isaiah Thompson, 23 years old, was arrested most recently on Friday, when he turned himself in to police after he was seen riding on the outside of a train near Manhattan’s Union Square, said New York Police Department officials,” adds the WSJ.

The suspect is also wanted for other subway-related crimes, including activating an emergency brake during a busy evening rush hour commute in Manhattan.

“Repeat offenders are exactly why the MTA board voted in June to seek a mechanism to ban those who continuously perpetrate crimes against our riders from maintaining their privilege of using the subways,” said MTA Communications Director Tim Minton. “In the meantime, police and MTA staff are required to wait until someone violates rules or the law in the present before taking action.”

Read the full report at the Wall Street Journal.