ORRIN UNLEASHED: Sen. Hatch Says Obamacare Supporters ‘Stupidest Dumba**’ People

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.02.18

Senator Orrin Hatch utterly unloaded on former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare legislation and its supporters on Thursday, blasting those who “love” Obamacare as the “stupidest dumba** people I’ve ever met.”

Hatch was delivering prepared remarks at the American Enterprise Institute when set his sights on the nation’s failing healthcare law; sarcastically referring to the Affordable Care Act as a “wonderful bill.”

“We also finally did away with the individual mandate, a tax that was established under that wonderful bill called ‘Obamacare.’ Now, if you didn’t catch on I was being very sarcastic. It was the stupidest dumba** bill that I’ve ever seen,” said the Senator from Utah.

“Some of you may have loved it, if you do, you’re one of the stupidest dumba** people I’ve ever met, and there are a lot of them on Capitol Hill from time to time,” he jokingly added.

Watch the Senator’s fiery comments above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon