OPERATION SONG: Bringing Them Back, One Song at a Time

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.23.18

Operation Song is a non-profit based in Nashville Tennessee founded in 2012 that pairs professional songwriters with veterans, active military and their families to help them tell their stories through song.

The organization holds weekly workshops in Middle Tennessee and sponsor events and group retreats throughout the U.S.

"The Last Monday in May 2018"

West Point to Arlington

Those served need no musical background, only the desire to tell their story.

In a typical session, the songwriter listens and encourages the participant to lay out the “puzzle pieces” of his or her experience. Together, they arrange those pieces into verses and choruses. The result is a complete song that they can call their own.

Jimmy Ray and Ian Wagner performing “Last Monday in May” at the WWII Memorial (photo, Michael Cowger)

WWII veteran Jim Wooters with Operation Song writer Wil Nance at a Ft Benning songwriting retreat (Photo, Michelle Bradley.)

Learn more by visiting Operation Song.