ON THE JOB Episode 5- Concrete Plans: An Unconventional Journey

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.14.18

Listen now to “On the Job” Episode 5: Concrete Plans: An Unconventional Journey

The new installment of the weekly podcast from Express Employment Professionals is titled, “Concrete Plans: An Unconventional Journey.”

On this episode, we’ll hear a story about shattering expectations in order to find meaningful work.

When Liz Nichols was in her twenties she knew she wanted two things: financial stability and to start a family. She had no roadmap to meet those goals; that is until the day she met a guide who would show her a new world of work.

Nichols had a checklist – she wanted to work outdoors, and make good money to support her family. After a few false starts, she found just the right fit as a concrete mason. Even though she was often the only woman on the job, she learned to navigate that new world with grace and will pass along to her son, the lessons that hard work and perseverance are rewarded.

Listen to her unconventional journey above.

“On the Job” celebrates the journey of hard-working men and women across America as they work to make the American dream their reality. In season 2 of the podcast from Express Employment Professionals, you’ll share their ups and downs, triumphs and challenges, and the oftentimes winding roads that lead them to find satisfaction, earn a living, and define who they are within their communities and the world beyond.

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