OMAR: The United States ‘Shouldn’t Rush into Sanctioning Countries’ Like Iran

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.30.19

Controversial Congresswoman Ilhan Omar raised eyebrows on both sides of the political aisle this week; bizarrely suggesting the United States “shouldn’t rush into sanctioning countries” like Iran.

“The humanitarian crisis created by our sanctions in Iran is unconscionable. Ordinary Iranians bear the brunt and more than 3 million people are unemployed. This is why we shouldn’t rush into sanctioning countries,” posted Omar on social media.

Omar is poised to introduce new legislation in the coming days that would “guarantee a home for everyone,” saying the escalating homeless crisis sweeping cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles is a “stain on our country.”

“It is a moral stain on our country that we have half a million or more people facing homelessness … In few weeks, we are going to introduce our Homes For All legislation, which will, hopefully, guarantee a home for everyone,” she said.