OMAR EXPLODES: Ilhan Omar RIPS Outgoing DHS Secretary for ‘Locking Toddlers in Cages’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.08.19

Embattled Rep. Ilhan Omar escalated her war-of-words with the White House Monday; viciously accusing outgoing DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen of “locking toddlers in cages” along the US-Mexico border.

“Kirstjen Nielsen was responsible for:

-Locking toddlers in cages
-The death of a 7 year-old on her agency’s watch
-Repeatedly lying about taking children from their mothers

Now this President wants someone even ‘tougher.’ This should be a warning to all who believe in justice,” posted Omar on social media.

Omar’s comments come weeks after she found herself in the center of a national controversy after she bizarrely claimed American politicians have a “dual loyalty” to Israel due to secret campaign donations.