NY POST BOARD: ‘Portland’s Rage Addicted Radicals’ Only Care About ‘Excuse to Riot’

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.15.20

From Fox News:

The family whose imminent eviction inspired Portland protesters to create a new armed “autonomous zone” turns out to be living in another home they own nearby. Could there be a better sign of the hollowness of the moral pretenses of these anarchists?

Yet the “zone” loons still got their way.

Portland’s radicals only whetted their appetites in months of rioting by the federal courthouse.

In September, they jumped when a judge ordered the Kinneys, a Black and Native American family, evicted from their home after a years-long court battle.

They’d taken out a mortgage to pay legal bills after the son, who goes by William X. Nietzche, was arrested in 2002 for a hit-and-run; they were foreclosed on in 2018, owing a year and a half of payments totaling $112,338.

Nietzche represented the family in court, with filings containing anti-government babble arguing he’s a sovereign citizen not subject to U.S. law and criminal complaints against officers of the court.

Protesters have been camping out near the “red house” since September, with signs like “Eat the rich,” but escalated last week, using barricades to create a three-block autonomous area, with booby traps set for police.

Read the full report here.

PORTLAND SPIRALS: Far-Left Mayor Blames ‘FEDERAL TROOPS’ for Violence, Vandalism in His City

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.20.20

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler bizarrely blamed “Federal Troops” for the current violence sweeping his city; saying their “tactics” are “making the situation much more dangerous” for local residents.

“Before the Federal Troops got here, violence was way down, vandalism was way down… The energy was coming out of the demonstrations. What happened is the troops came in, they used their Unconstitutional tactics, they injured non-violent demonstrators, and the whole thing blew up again,” said Wheeler.


“The reason we want those Federal Troops out of our city is that they are making the situation much more dangerous,” he added.  “I’m worried that one of our local law enforcement officers is going to get killed because of the tactics they’re engaged in.”

Watch Wheeler’s comments above.

PORTLAND SPIRALS: Police Declare ‘RIOT’ After Officers Attacked with Glass Bottles, Ball Bearings

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.14.20

The Portland Police Department struggled to contain another night of civil unrest in the city Monday; confirming officers were repeatedly attacked with glass bottles and ball bearings.

“Members of the crowd are still not dispersing despite numerous orders to leave and opportunities to do so,” posted the Department on Twitter. “To those on N Fenwick/Lombard, disperse to the North. This has been declared a riot and you are being ordered to disperse.”

“Some of the items thrown at officers include paint, ball bearings, and glass bottles, which are all criminal acts,” adds the Portland PD.

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