NO SHOW: Every Democrat DITCHED Jerusalem Embassy Opening

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.14.18

Four GOP Senators traveled to the Middle East this week to take part in the opening ceremony of the recently relocated US embassy in Jerusalem; raising new questions over why zero Democrats attended the highly-anticipated event.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called-out the liberal legislators’ silent protest while speaking with reporters in the Israeli capital following the dedication ceremony; saying “all 435 House members could have come. All 100 Senators.”

“I don’t know why the Democrats will not be here, chose not to come. Every member of Congress had the option before them to come and be here. There was no way on earth we could have inaugurated this embassy without my being here to celebrate it. It’s too important,” said Cruz.

“I am disappointed that not one Democrat came. What does that say? It’s not for me to tell you what that says. It hurts me,” added Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The President’s decision to relocate the embassy fulfills decades of bipartisan promises to move the diplomatic mission to the holy city; a move widely condemned by the United Nations and other nations in the region.