NFL REVOLT: Players Planning ‘NEW PROTESTS’ After ‘Kneel’ Ban

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.24.18

Professional athletes of the National Football League are reportedly planning “new forms of protests” after the NFL changed their on-field guidelines; requiring all players to stand in a “dignified posture” during the US national anthem.

According to the Today Show, not all athletes are happy with the revised regulations, with one reporter saying some players are already discussing alternative methods of protesting that skirt the league’s new rules.

“I talked to a former NFL player yesterday who has said that players are already talking about other ways in which they can protest,” said Craig Melvin. “We’ll be talking about this for some time.”

The President weighed-in on the new rules Wednesday night, saying all players “must stand” during the anthem and praising NFL owners for “doing the right thing” in banning on-field protests.