NANCY'S NIGHTMARE: US Job Openings Smash Record, Hit 6.9 MILLION Available Positions

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.11.18

The number of job openings available to potential employees surged this summer throughout the United States; smashing records and hitting a stunning 6.9 million available positions.

According to Market Watch, “more workers are quitting old jobs for better pay at new ones” as the US economy continues to roar to life, with workers scouring through nearly seven million open positions.

“About 5.68 million people were hired and 5.53 million lost their jobs in July. Such a high level of what economists call “churn” is common in the huge U.S. economy,” writes Market Watch. “The share of people who left jobs on their own, known as the quits rate, rose a notch to a 2.7% among private-sector employees. The record is 2.9%, set in 2001.”

The strong economic data may spell disaster for congressional Democrats hoping to retake the House of Representatives this fall, with Rep. Nancy Pelosi vowing to repeal the “GOP Tax Scam” should her party regain control.

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