MR. BREXIT: UK’s Nigel Farage SOARS in Recent Polls, Says Current Government in ‘Total Denial’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.13.19

Outspoken British politician and Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage is soaring in recent polling; setting the stage for a fierce battle for the future of the United Kingdom weeks after the country failed to separate from the European Union following a March 29 deadline.

“Polls show his Brexit Party easily winning next week’s European Parliament polls and edging ahead of Theresa May’s Conservatives in a UK general election,” reports Yahoo News. “Nigel Farage is channeling Donald Trump’s brand of angry populism to help turn British politics on its head.”

“You are in denial, the BBC is in denial, the Tory and Labour parties are in denial,” said Farage. “I think you are all in for a bigger surprise than you can even imagine.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly delayed the separation date as lawmakers fail to pass any legislation authorizing the withdrawal from the European Union; raising new fears a second referendum may be required to resolve the crisis.

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