MAXINE'S MELTDOWN: Waters Vows to 'REVERSE' Tax Cuts, Says Trump 'UNDERMINING' Obama's Economy

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.30.18

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters revealed her post-midterm plans to American voters over the weekend; vowing to “reverse” the “GOP tax scam” should Democrats retake control of the House this November.

Waters was speaking with MSNBC when she was asked to comment on the stunning 4.1% growth in American GDP, bizarrely suggesting Trump’s economic proposals were “undermining” Obama’s legacy.

“Of course, the economy has improved, and of course he would like to take credit for all of that,” Waters told MSNBC’s David Gura. “But in the final analysis; when this country understands and feels what has been done with the tax scam and what that’s going to do for our deficit in this country, it’s going to be reversed. A combination of the tax scam and the tariffs will undermine all that has been done in the economy that was started by Obama.”

Watch Waters’ comments above.

DESPERATE: Mad Maxine Wants Trump Impeached for 'Racist' NFL Tweets

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.26.17

Crazed California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is again calling for the impeachment of President Trump; this time claiming the President’s support for the national anthem at NFL games is “racist” and “frightening.”

The firebrand liberal was speaking with MSNBC when she slammed President Trump’s calls for an NFL boycott over players who refuse to stand for the ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ saying the President simply wants to make America “white” again.

“They play into racism, they do what every other President attempted not to do,” said Maxine. “He is about division. He is about signaling to that core group of his that this country that he wants to make great again is all about making it white, and is all about saying to them that your troubles, your problems are caused by those people.”

“He’s pointing now to the NFL, we know that the majority of these players are African-American, and we know what he is doing. We’re not tricked or fooled by him in any shape, form, or fashion,” she added. “Here he is strongly criticizing football players and NFL players. It’s clear, we know who he is.”

“I hope people understand it’s about all of this that he should not be the President of the United States of America and we have to get ready for impeachment,” said Waters.

Watch Mad Maxine’s comments above.

h/t The American Mirror

HEAVEN SENT: Maxine Waters Says ‘GOD SENT ME’ to Take Down Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.25.18

Firebrand anti-Trump crusader Maxine Waters took her war against the President to the next level this week; claiming before a congregation of church-goers that ‘God sent her’ to take down the Commander-in-Chief.

Waters was addressing the packed crowd when she vowed to return to the nation’s capital to resume her all-out assault against the President; pledging to “impeach 45” at any cost.

“You’ve gotta know that I’m here to do the work that I was sent to do, and as pastor said to me when I came in this morning, when God sends you to do something, you just do it!

“So I have a message I’m going back to Washington tomorrow morning, I’m going to tell them pastor told me to come here and just do it!”

h/t American Mirror

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