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The War at Home

LOVITZ LAYS INTO DEMS! SNL Alum Calls Bernie 'Self-Loathing Jew,' AOC a 'Moron' [WATCH]

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.22.23

SNL alum Jon Lovitz spoke with Fox News about Bernie Sanders and far-left “squad” members AOC and Rashida Tlaib; Lovitz thinks their reaction to the war has been disgusting.

From Fox News:

Lovitz, who is Jewish, declared Sanders the “best example” of a “self-loathing Jew,” calling him “disgusting,” and mocked how the senator describes himself as a “Democratic Socialist” versus being a communist.

“That’s like asking me, ‘Are you Christian?’ ‘No, no, I’m a Jew for Jesus.’ Well, that’s what it is,” Lovitz told Fox News Digital in an interview. “You know the difference between a communist and a Democratic Socialist? A Democratic Socialist is somebody you vote for, and then they take all your money and give back what they think you need. A communist- they just appoint themselves. There’s no election and they do the exact same thing. That’s the only difference.”

“And [Sanders is] saying, you know, we shouldn’t have money for, you know, fund Israel, you know, and the Squad, those people… It’s no secret they’re horribly antisemitic,” he said.

He mocked Sanders for having three homes despite his $174,000 salary as a senator.

“‘That’s normal.’ No, it isn’t. Not on that salary,” Lovitz said while showcasing his Sanders impersonation.

“All my friends that are Jewish, like, they go, Bernie Sanders, self-loathing Jew. You know, what’s wrong with this guy? And that’s what that is. ‘Oh, that’s not true.’ Yeah, it is. Yeah, you are. ‘I don’t like it when people make money. It’s not right. They should only make so much. And then it’s enough.’ Well, you have three homes. You should just have one. ‘That’s none of your business.'”

“You know, AOC said?” Lovitz began. “I don’t care what party she’s in. I think she’s cute. But she’s an idiot… She goes, ‘You know, 29, a lot of people my generation because of climate change are asking themselves, you know, should they have children? And I think it’s a good question. And I think, you know, maybe they shouldn’t.’ Oh. Okay. So you’re telling all the people of your generation don’t have kids. Then in 50 years, there’s nobody left on the Earth, moron!… This is what you’re dealing with! Don’t have kids. Okay. There’ll be no one left to breathe your clean air. It’s moronic!”

More over at Fox News:

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