LISTEN: WWII Veteran Celebrates his 100th Birthday LIVE on AIR

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.27.18

Heroic World War II Veteran Elwood ‘Woody’ Snell stopped by ‘The Sean Hannity Show’ Friday to celebrate his 100th birthday live on-air; discussing everything from his youth on an Ohio farm to his daring missions in the skies over India and China.

“We have a very special guest today, Elwood ‘Woody’ Snell. Today is his 100th birthday, born July 27th 1918, raised on a farm in Ohio, and was a hero who fought in WWII for this great country,” said Sean. “Woody, thank you for being with us, and happy birthday! Did you ever in your life think you’d make it to 100 years old.”

“I never thought about it, I just kept plugging along. When I get to 99 I got to wondering about it, I thought maybe I’d make it,” joked Woody.

“You grew up on a farm in Ohio, graduated from high school, then you went to fight in WWII, tell us about it,” asked Hannity.

“I didn’t go to war to fight a war, I went to learn how to become an airplane mechanic, I thought that was a coming thing in this world then the war came along,” said Snell.

Listen to the heartwarming interview below: