LINDSEY GRAHAM: ‘It is Time for President Trump to Use Emergency Powers’ and Build the Wall

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.10.19

Sen. Lindsey Graham released a scathing statement Thursday night; slamming congressional Democrats and saying it’s “time for President Trump to use emergency powers” and construct his border wall.

The South Carolina Senator issued the stark statement Thursday after the President toured the US-Mexico border in Texas; citing Speaker Pelosi’s “refusal to negotiate” on any future wall or barrier construction.

“Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate on funding for a border wall/barrier — even if the government were to be reopened — virtually ends the congressional path to funding for a border wall/barrier,” Graham said in a statement. “It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier.”

President Trump has repeatedly mentioned the concept of using emergency powers to bypass Congress; telling reporters this week he “may go that route” should a bipartisan agreement fail to reach his desk.

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