LINDSEY GRAHAM: Declare National Emergency if Democrats Say ‘Go to Hell’ on Border Wall

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.25.19

Sen. Lindsey Graham weighed-in Friday on the recent bipartisan agreement to re-open the federal government for three weeks; saying the President should declare a national emergency should Democrats fail to live-up to their end of the bargain.

“Come February the 15th, if the Democrats still say: ‘Go to hell on the wall, you get a dollar, that’s it.’ They basically tell Trump, ‘I’m not going to do with you what I did with Bush and Obama,’ then I hope he will go the emergency route,” said Graham following the president’s address.

“We don’t need to shut the government down, we need to secure the border,” Graham said. “And to me, the last best chance to do this win-win is between now and Feb. 15.”

The President presented Congressional leaders with three options Friday: Reach a “fair deal” by February 15th, face another government shutdown, or prompt Trump to declare a “national emergency” along the southern border.

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