LIBERAL LIES: The Hill, Media Matters, Daily Beast Lie About Hannity's Comments

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.28.18

As usual, certain members of the media have used their selective listening to create a false narrative that fits their agenda.

This, of course, means we have to set the record straight and give you the audio tape to back up the truth, with a transcript of what was said.

Sean Hannity never tied today’s horrific shooting to the comments made by Representative Maxine Waters. Today’s event was pure evil, and no one can control someone who is intent on inflicting pain and violence.

It’s unfortunate that some outlets have to stoop to lying to attempt to get ratings and clicks.

Here we tell the truth:

3:29 PM ET 6/28/18
(1:10 into the segment)
Sean says “we don’t know the reason why you never really know except that we know that there is absolute pathetic evil in the world”

3:34 PM ET 6/28/18
(1:40 into the segment)
Sean updates listeners on the shooting.

(8:45 into the segment) 
Sean says he does not want to be taken out of context and that the events from today are not related to today’s shooting

(9:50 into the segment)
Says “separate and apart from other news we are covering today”

4:05 PM ET 6/28/18
(10:24 into the segment)
“While it’s not connected in any way, I’m not suggesting it’s connected in any way, the incendiary rhetoric that we have been hearing and the calls to confront people in restaurants and at gas stations and department stores. The incidents that we have seen with Sarah Sanders and Secretary Neilson and Pam Bondi and of course the tweets threatening the President’s son and threatening Secretary Neilson and even the granddaughter of the President.
Things are getting way-way too hot and out of control. Again, separate and apart from what happened here. It’s a little scary….

(4:19 into the segment) 
“Again, I want to be very, very clear here. I am not equating or comparing. I am only pointing out that I have been saying that there’s going somebody’s going to get hurt or worse here, Jonathan. The rhetoric is over the top. It’s now way out of control.”

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