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LEVIN ON HANNITY: Polls for Trump ‘Going Up’ As Democrats Pursue Impeachment Fantasy

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.22.19

Best-selling author Mark Levin stopped by ‘Hannity’ Thursday to weigh-in on the Democrats’ never-ending impeachment obsession; saying Adam Schiff has done nothing more than “awaken a sleeping giant” of Republican support.

“These are serious times… You have a lot to say about this national nightmare they’re creating,” said Hannity.

“After we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, a Japanese admiral said, ‘I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.’ Adam Schiff, you are the admiral. You’ve just awakened a sleeping giant. You threw everything you had at the President, at Republicans, at 63 million voters, and this is the best you have?” asked Levin.

“You control everything. You control the witnesses. You have control over the rules and the timing… Even now, with all of the control and the positive press, the polls for Donald Trump are going up,” he added.

Watch Levin on ‘Hannity’ above.

LEVIN ON HANNITY: Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry an ‘Outrageous Violation of the Constitution’

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.18.19

Best-selling author Mark Levin stopped-by ‘Hannity’ last week to weigh-in on the Democrats’ latest impeachment push; saying their public hearings are an “outrageous violation of the US Constitution.”

“The President tweets out a mild tweet, basically saying she didn’t work out very well. This is intimidation?” asked Hannity.

“What we’re witnessing is tyranny. Tyranny of the legislature, you’re witnessing tyranny in the House of Representatives. This is an outrageous violation of the Constitution,” said Levin.

“They’re destroying the Constitution of the United States. To listen to the media analysis of what’s going on is absurd, it’s disgraceful,” he added.

Watch Levin on ‘Hannity’ above.

LEVIN ON HANNITY: Not A Single Person with First-Hand Knowledge Filed a Whistleblower Complaint

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.27.19

Mark Levin spoke with Sean Hannity Thursday on the Democrats’ latest obsession with the Ukraine; saying not a “single person” with first-hand knowledge of the President’s phone call filed a whistleblower complaint.

“After I watched this hearing, it was like waterboarding. When it comes to Trump, Democrats and the media are like drug addicts looking for their next fix… They’re really freaking out… I can tell you that a CIA agent can’t write something like this, this is a legal brief,” said Levin.

“I want to know who wrote this. I want to know who this man spoke to… He knew nothing, he heard that certain people at the White House were upset. Isn’t it funny that not a single person with first-hand knowledge filed a whistleblower complaint?” he asked.

Levin’s comments echo similar statements from Sen. Lindsey Graham, who demanded to know who provided the whistleblower with sensitive information.

“It is imperative we find out which White House official talked to the whistleblower and why. Why didn’t they lodge the complaint?” asked Graham on social media.

“As to the other matters in complaint: Clearly a coordinated effort to take second-hand information to create a narrative damaging to the President. When I think of whistleblower complaints I generally think of someone with first-hand knowledge of the events in question,” he added.

“As to the House of Representatives: If you believe this complaint has put the public in grave danger, don’t you have an obligation to vote to launch an impeachment inquiry? Americans deserve to see where you stand and evaluate your judgement,” posted Graham.

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