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Learn to Make Consistent Profits From Stock Trading With This $30 Course Bundle

posted by Mark Myerson - 3.16.21

Here’s a brainteaser: what career allows you to earn six figures by making a few good decisions each day in the comfort of your home? The answer is stock trading. 

That doesn’t mean you should jump straight into trading, at least, not without the proper guidance. If you would like to get into this lucrative world, The Wall Street Survival & Stock Trading Guide Bundle provides 13 hours of essential education. You would normally expect to pay $1,600 for this training, but in a special deal for Hannity viewers, you can pick up the bundle today for just $29.99.

Most people assume that you can only make money from stocks when the economy is booming. That might be the case for long-term investors, but professional traders make money whether stock prices are going up or down.

Taught by professional trader, Travis Rose, this bundle shows you how to earn consistent returns in any market. Through eight separate courses, Rose teaches you how to read the graphs and make smart decisions based on your chosen level of risk. These courses have an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from previous students, and Rose himself has five years of experience as a successful full-time trader, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive reliable, professional instruction. 

This includes training on technical analysis, the Fibonacci method, swing trading, and penny stocks. You’ll learn how to apply each concept for day trading and medium-term trades based on a comprehensive plan of action.

Of course, you might not want to give up your job immediately to become a full-time trader. Hence, these courses also teach you how to make money as a side hustle using part-time management strategies.

Order today for just $29.99 to get lifetime access to all eight courses, worth $1,600.


The Wall Street Survival & Stock Trading Guide Bundle – $29.99

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Prices subject to change. 


Learn American Sign Language With 75 Hours of Video Lessons for $20

posted by Mark Myerson - 2.05.21

You may not realize it, but more than half a million people in this country are registered deaf. Learning American Sign Language can help you connect with this community, and give you a new skill that can be useful in a variety of settings.

The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle helps you become fluent in ASL, with 75 hours of video lessons. The training is usually priced at $99, but it’s now available to Hannity viewers for just $19.99 in a special deal.

If you work in emergency services or healthcare, knowing ASL can be really helpful. The language also provides the base for hand signals used in scuba diving. 

This collection of courses takes you from beginner to advanced vocabulary through three levels. In addition, you’ll get a bonus course that focuses on ASL for babies and toddlers.

Through concise video lessons, you learn the ASL alphabet and common signs for everyday situations. Other tutorials teach you pronouns, numbers, days of the week, emergency signs, and more. 

The training also looks at deaf etiquette. Conversations are a little different when the other person can’t hear you jump in, so it’s important to understand these unwritten rules. 

Along with gaining valuable skills, this bundle helps you add to your résumé. Each course comes with a certificate of completion, and the training is actually worth 30 CPD credits.

Order today for just $19.99 to get unlimited lifetime access to all the courses, worth $99 in total.


The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle – $19.99

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Deal: Pick Up $45 of Free eGiftcards When You Sign Up for a Sam’s Club Membership

posted by Mark Myerson - 10.23.20

In most stores, the price you pay is split between the store, a middle man, and the supplier. But what if you could go straight to the warehouse?

That’s the idea behind Sam’s Club, a membership club that offers premium-quality products at remarkably low prices. In a special deal for Hannity viewers, you can join today for one year and get your money back in eGiftcards. 

Joining a club to go shopping might sound like an unusual idea, but members of Sam’s Club clearly feel the value. There are now 559 warehouses in 44 states across the country — so you are probably near one right now. And with what’s sure to be another ’bout of stay-at-home orders this winter, who knows what stores you’ll be able to get to or which products people will wind up hoarding. At Sam’s Club, you can stock up now and ignore all of that noise later. 

If you sign up, you can expect significant savings on groceries, kitchen goods, electronics, furniture, and many other products. To keep prices low on such a wide range, Sam’s Club uses a limited-item model. 

Some locations have gas stations and car washes, meaning further savings. Members of Sam’s Club also get free flat tire repair, battery testing, and wiper blade installation. 

One year of Standard membership is $45, which includes complimentary membership for a second person in your household. With the current offer, you get $45 in eGiftcards delivered to your email address within a month of joining. In other words, you can pretty much sign up free.

Sound good? Head over to the deal page to learn more and get started.


Sam’s Club Membership + $45 eGiftcards – $45

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Prices subject to change 

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