North Korea

KIM’S CRISIS: US Officials Believe KIM JONG UN Suffering from SERIOUS ILLNESS

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.08.18

A joint task-force of US and South Korean intelligence officials are rapidly investigating multiple reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is suffering from a variety of serious illnesses; raising new questions over the despot’s recent push to ease tensions with the United States.

According to Fox News, American experts believe Kim suffers from a variety of systemic illnesses; including gout, high blood pressure, mental health issues, and at least one Sexually Transmitted Disease.

“Kim’s health is something our own intel community is trying to gain every possible insight on,” said the Director of Defense Studies at the Center for the National Interest. “There are rumors that Kim might have had plastic surgery and purposely gained weight to look more like his grandfather, the founding ruler of North Korea, and channel some his popularity.”

“Health conditions, including use of medicines or drugs, can impact a foreign leader’s decision-making and an expected death or debilitation of a leader can cause instability in a country with potential consequences for U.S. interests,” added another expert from the Heritage Foundation.

The brutal dictator’s health was thrust into global headlines earlier this week, when new photos of the communist leader emerged showing Kim had gained a substantial amount of weight in recent months.