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KARINE CLAMS UP! The Press Has Hunter Biden Questions, KJP Has No Answers [WATCH]

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.27.23

She has nothing to share.

Wednesday’s White House press briefing grew tense after reporters failed to get answers on First Son Hunter Biden’s disappearing plea deal; “I’d refer you to the Department of Justice,’  press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, attempting to dodge the issue altogether.

By now, the White House must realize this story isn’t going away —in fact, it’s getting bigger.

“As we have said, the president, the first lady — they love their son, and they support him as he continues to rebuild his life,” KJP said. “So for anything further, as you know — and we’ve been very consistent from here — I’d refer you to the Department of Justice and to Hunter’s representatives, who is his legal team, obviously, who can address any of your questions.”

But that wasn’t the end of it, of course.

“Earlier this week, you said the president was never in business with his son,” a reporter asked. “But can you say specifically that the president did not have discussions of any kind with Hunter about his business dealings?”

“I appreciate the question,” KJP responded. “I’ve been asked this question multiple times in different various — variations in different ways. I — as you mentioned, I was asked this question multiple times on Monday. Nothing has changed. I don’t have anything to add to what I stated on Monday.”

Then there was the gun angle —but KJP still had nothing.

“President Biden has spent most of his political career working on gun laws, on gun reform,” the reporter said. “Does he believe that someone who is charged with possessing a firearm illegally should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?”

“So, here, I’m going to be — I think I know where this question is going, and I’m just going to continue to say: As it relates to this — the case that we’re seeing in Delaware, I’m just going to not speak to that,” Jean-Pierre responded. “It is an independent matter. This is up for the Department of Justice.”

“Even with the question that you’re asking me, it’s up to — it’s up to — it’s a — it’s one of those legal, criminal matters,” she added. “And it’s up to that process — that legal process. I’m just not going to speak to it here.”

The reporter pressed on: “As president, he talks often about the need to get illegal firearms off of our streets,” the reporter said. “So when someone possesses one illegally, what does the president believe should happen to them?”

“I’m going to be very mindful here,” KJP responded. “I’m going to be very careful because I see where this question is going. And I’m just going to refer you, as this has been an independent investigation — it’s overseen by the Department of Justice — I’m going to let them speak to this as they are moving forward.”

KJP was also asked about the subtle shift in language coming from the White House regarding Joe and Hunter Biden’s relationship.

A rough day for KJP.

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