JUSTICE FOR WARRIORS: The Congressional Justice for Warriors Caucus Calls for the Release of a Wrongly Convicted Soldier

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.18.19

Six members of the Congressional Justice for Warriors Caucus attended the parole hearing for First Sergeant John Hatley this week; speaking out in support of his release from confinement from Leavenworth prison.

Those in attendance were caucus founders, Congressmen Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA), as well as Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX), Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

“There’s no question as I looked, investigated, interviewed John Hatley; this is an incredible, patriotic American. He’s a guy who has two bronze stars… This is a guy who’s been in 300 or so fire fights. He’s done nothing but help and protect his troops,” said Congressman Louie Gohmert.

“There are problems with the system… Some of the things that I was proud of -as good for protecting proper justice being down- some of those have been eroded over the years. The Justice for Warriors Caucus is going to try and improve the system and change the laws, make it more fair so we don’t convict our heroes,” he added.

In 2009, First Sergeant Hatley, a respected and highly decorated soldier, was convicted of the premeditated murder of four Iraqi detainees. Despite a thorough investigation by the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID), no physical or forensic evidence was uncovered to support the allegations against Hatley. The CID found no bodies, no one was even reported missing—all it took was one accusation in the wake of the Abu-Ghraib scandal from a soldier he had recently disciplined. First Sergeant Hatley was ultimately convicted based on the testimony of soldiers who changed their stories after prosecutors threatened them with potential life sentences as co-conspirators.

“If First Sergeant Hatley were a civilian, it is highly doubtful that the U.S. criminal justice system would have found him guilty given the circumstances that we now believe to be true about this case, including the total lack of forensic evidence. First Sergeant Hatley is a 20-year combat veteran who served our nation at considerable risk to his own life. I believe that our military justice system owes First Sergeant Hatley – and all who serve – the same fair considerations and due processes enjoyed by those of us back home, who live under the freedoms that he fought to defend,” said Congressman Ralph Norman.

Learn more about the Congressional Justice for Warriors Caucus here. Click here to read their full letter of support for First Sergeant John Hatley.

UPDATE: A Tragic Miscarriage of Justice for Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.08.19


By Lynda McLaughlin

You might recall I wrote an article last week about Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance and the grave injustice he has been dealt.

The latest culprit in the Lorance’s case, is General Berger, who is willfully and intentionally lying about the case and Clint personally. Please find here the letter that was sent to Berger, by Clint’s legal team, in an attempt to allow Berger the information to correct the record.

Berger has chosen to ignore these facts and continue to perpetuate lies about Clint Lorance. Absolutely disgusting.

Now the Army has just made BG Berger the head of the Army JAG School, that is, he is now responsible for training and educating all new Judge Advocates, career Judge Advocates, and for providing certification military judges and continuing legal education to uniformed and civilian Federal government attorneys. Lovely, we have a man who is not interested in upholding the law, or serving justice, teaching others how to do the same.

Find both the letter to Berger and the article about his new role here.

One more piece of information – read the sworn affidavit that the prosecution never turned over to the defense. Maybe BG Berger should pay attention to this, instead of making up lies.

It’s time for a disapproval of findings for Clint Lorance and an apology from BG Berger; at the very least.


Original story: 

In my 15 years with the Sean Hannity Show, I have seen some of the most wonderful, amazing and truly incredible efforts by our listeners and viewers to help their fellow man. Unfortunately, I have seen the other side as well, a side where good men go to prison, while pompous and arrogant elitist spread ‘fake news.’

Today, I am reaching out to our audience to alert you to a tragic miscarriage of justice. Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance is sitting in Fort Leavenworth for a crime he did not commit. He is innocent, and after dedicating his life to this great country we have repaid him with a brown uniform and a jail cell.

Clint’s story has been widely reported, following the attack on July 2, 2012 in Afghanistan on his platoon. Like so many of our officers, Lorance and his platoon served under Barack Obama’s rules of engagement (ROE). These ROE were nothing but handcuffs for the brave men and women who were unfortunate enough to serve our nation during his tenure.

Clint’s situation has taken a turn for the worse with Brigadier General Berger, the Chief Judge of the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, who has the authority to oversee his case. Berger spoke out of turn against Clint, betraying his uniform and the people of this nation with the lies he has told about an innocent man.

Berger took to the stage to speak at CSIS where he proceeded to defame Lorance and lie about his actions while in Afghanistan. He was abusive and cruel with the words he ascribed to him, but further and most importantly, he LIED.  Clint’s attorneys informed General Berger that his  accusations were factually incorrect. Berger at first seemed eager to remedy his actions. But instead, he has chosen to allow that lie to live on and has not yet corrected the record.

One of Clint’s attorney’s Don Brown has written a book about the trials and tribulations of Clint’s case (Travesty Of Justice: The Shocking Prosecution of Lt. Clint Lorance) and has an entire chapter on General Berger; the salient points related to this article are here:

Now, we are bringing General Berger’s actions to the forefront. How can a man lying to hundreds of people about Clint’s ‘crimes’ be expected to rule fairly in his case? How can a man who is accusing Clint of crimes that he was acquitted of by a jury of his peers, be trusted to protect our nation and the men and women who serve it? I tell you this, I want Clint Lorance freed, but I also want General Berger held accountable for his disgusting behavior.

UPDATE: A Tragic Miscarriage of Justice for Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.30.19

“Leavenworth” premieres Sunday, October 20th on STARZ

“From executive producers Paul Pawlowski, David Check, and Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, comes a controversial true-crime story playing out in the military justice system. Clint Lorance is serving a 19-year sentence for murder at The United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth. While deployed in Afghanistan in July 2012, the former lieutenant ordered fire on three local men riding a motorcycle, killing two of them and outraging his platoon.  In a first-hand account of a soldier navigating the US Army’s legal system, Lorance seeks to overturn his conviction, provoking emotional debate between supporters and detractors that rises to the national stage. As determinations on Lorance’s fate unfold, questions probe not only the merits of his conviction, but analyze the system at large and ultimately test the balance of guilt and innocence in the inscrutable circumstances of today’s wars.”

As we head into this Labor Day, I wanted to post some more information about an individual who will not share the same luxury. Lt. Clint Lorance will sit in a prison cell, like he does every single day, because of complete and total misconduct on the part of his superior army officers and JAGS.

Clint Lorance is innocent and deserves a disapproval of findings, immediately, from our President. Clint was a star member of the Army and is an unfortunate consequence of Barack Obama’s rules of engagement.

He is serving a sentence to make those who hold higher ranks than his, i.e. Brigadier Joseph General Berger, III look good among the elitists. Berger, the former Chief Judge of the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, would rather lie than be honest about their own mistakes. He is a disgrace, the worst of his kind, letting a genuine officer pay the price for his politics.

Shame on you BG Berger for your lack of duty, honor and character.

As a point of reference for our readers, who are as avid about this case as our show is, I am including a sworn declaration about Clint Lorance, from his former Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Daniel Gustafson. CSM Gustafson explains in great detail who Clint is, and who he was, when he was in the Army and on the battlefield with his men and how Colonel Mennes cut Lorance loose.

CSM Gustafson states that Clint was a sharp Lieutenant, chosen from many, to lead First Platoon in certain combat patrols. The chain-of-command protected themselves from any negative blowback to their career trajectory by abandoning Clint and starting a narrative that he was a bad apple, off the rails.

We are here to right the wrong and correct this false narrative.

Read the full declaration. 

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