JUST IN: Dems Ask Biden to Revoke Medals Given to US Troops After 1890 ‘Battle at Wounded Knee’

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.04.21

A handful of Democratic legislators urged President Biden Thursday to revoke the Medals of Honor give to US soldiers after the “Wounded Knee Massacre” of 1890.

“We ask you to act swiftly to revoke these undue honors—a step that will help right this historical wrong and begin to heal the lasting wounds of many Native American descendants today,” the letter, signed by Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Rep. Kaiali’i Kahele (D-Hawaii) and 14 other lawmakers, read.


“For the families and descendants of those massacred, the revocation of these 20 Medals of Honor would have a profound and lasting impact — as has the federal government’s ongoing choice to allow these wrongly bestowed honors to stand,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter, which was sent Tuesday.

“We believe that it is within your authority to confer with the Secretary of Defense and the secretaries of the military departments and revoke these honors when appropriate,” the lawmakers wrote.

The letter was also signed by Senator Bernie Sanders.

On December 29th, 1890, fighting broke-out between US soldiers and members of the Lakota Sioux tribe in southwest South Dakota along a tiny river called Wounded Knee Creek. The battle left 25 troops killed and between 150 and 300 Native Americans dead.

Read the full report here.

CAUGHT OFF GUARD: Warren Gets GRILLED by ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Native American Scandal

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.31.19

Sen. Elizabeth Warren faced her toughest line of questioning yet regarding her Native American ancestry from an unlikely place Friday morning: Hip Hop radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’ and host Charlamagne the God.

“I grew up in Oklahoma. I learned about my family the same way that most people learned about their families; from mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles. But I’m not a Person of Color. I’m not a citizen of a tribe. I shouldn’t have done it,” said Warren.

“How long did you hold on to that. There are some reports that said you were a Native American on your Texas Bar license, that you were Native American on your documents when you were a professor at Harvard. Why’d you do that?” asked Charlamagne.

“It’s what I believed. It’s what I learned from my family,” deflected Warren.

“You’re kind of like the original Rachel Dolezal,” he fired-back, referring to the Caucasian woman who self-identified as an African American.

Warren’s latest campaign stop also included a visit to The View, where she promised a handful of “free” giveaways to all voters.

Senator Elizabeth Warren sat-down with co-hosts on The View Thursday; vowing to implement a 2% tax on wealthy Americans to provide free childcare, tuition-free college, student debt forgiveness, raises for workers, and more.

“My proposal is a 2% ‘Wealth Tax’ on the top 1/10 of 1%, your $50,000,001 dollar you have to pitch-in two cents and two cents for everyone after that. With that, we can cancel student loan debt for 95% of the people who have it, but we can do so much more,” said Warren.

“Two cents, we can also provide universal, tuition-free college plus we can do universal childcare for every baby age 0 to 5, universal pre-k for every 3 and 4-year-old, and raise the wages of every childcare worker,” she added.

Top economists say the price-tag for Warren’s proposals will likely top $100 trillion.

DEAL DOES WHAT? AOC Says ‘Green Deal’ Will Focus on Asthma, Pensions, Native Americans, Working People

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.30.19

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to muddy the waters surrounding her ‘Green New Deal’ Tuesday; suggesting the legislation will focus on asthma, the Flint water crisis, pensions, and Native Americans.

“Climate Equity means:

When we talk water, we discuss Flint
When we talk air, we discuss BX asthma
When we talk coal, we fight for miners’ pensions
When we talk abt just transitions, we honor Native people
When we talk economics, we center working people & families,” posted AOC on social media.

Leading economists threw more cold-water on the Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ climate-change proposal this week; saying it would likely cost $70,000 per household within the first year of implementation.

“The study, released jointly by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Power the Future on Tuesday, looked at a wide swath of data to estimate how transforming the energy sector — which includes de-carbonizing transportation and retrofitting U.S. commercial and residential buildings — would affect the average household in five representative states,” reports Fox News.

“Within the first year of implementing the program, the average household in each of the given states (AlaskaFloridaNew HampshireNew MexicoPennsylvania) would incur at least $70,000 in expenses — followed by roughly $45,000 in annual expenses for each of the following 2-5 years and over $37,000 after that time frame,” adds Fox.

Failing Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand unveiled her own version of the ‘Green New Deal’ Thursday; pledging $10 trillion to fight climate change over the next ten years if elected in 2020.

“Polar ice and glaciers are melting at a rapid pace. Heavy rains are causing catastrophic flooding in the Midwest, leaving farms submerged and homes and businesses destroyed. Changes in our oceans are disrupting fisheries and killing coral reefs. Droughts and wildfires are threatening communities across the West, and extreme weather is leaving millions of people without homes and causing billions of dollars in damage every year,” writes Gillibrand.

“The scientific community is telling us that we only have a short amount of time to act if we’re going to prevent the most catastrophic and irreversible damage in the future. But President Trump refuses to even acknowledge that human-caused climate change is happening,” she adds.

“Climate action should be this generation’s moonshot. To save our planet, the energy, talents, and commitment of every American will be required, from our farmers and workers to our scientists and entrepreneurs. The next president has to be willing to take bold leaps to lead this effort and stand up to the climate change deniers, polluters, and oil and gas special interests. I will, because we can’t afford not to,” concludes Gillibrand.

The man plan “mobilize” $10 trillion in funds to achieve “net-zero” carbon emissions; forcing climate “polluters” to pay stiff fines and penalties.

Read the full report at Fox News.

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