JUDICIAL WATCH: Obama-Era State Dept. Used Foreign Resources to Monitor Conservative Journalists

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.17.19

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stopped by The Sean Hannity Show this week to weigh-in on their breaking story claiming Obama-era officials used foreign resources to monitor American journalists and allies of President Trump.

“Certain citizens were monitored to get information that could hurt Donald Trump. That would be a violation of the US Constitution. Now we know we’ve had surveillance at very high levels,” said Hannity. “Do we know for a certainty that this happened?”

“Our sources say it did,” Fitton fired-back. “The concern is that the government, and representatives abroad, can’t use public resources to track communications by American citizens. Evidently that was going on.”

“They then sought additional help from the State Department here in Washington, DC… We’re not sure how long it went on for, but we do know that the target list is very accurate and includes [Sean Hannity] and other conservatives known for taking a strong stance with President Trump,” he added.

Listen to the full interview above.