IT BEGINS: Another Potential 2020 Democrat Supports ‘Medicare for All’

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.31.18

Former governor of Virginia and potential 2020 Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe threw his full support behind a universal healthcare program throughout the US over the weekend; saying he’d like to take Obamacare “to the next level.”

The longtime Clinton insider was speaking with CNN when he was asked to clarify his position on a potential ‘Medicare for All’ scheme; saying he’d support the initiative should he decide to run for president.

“What about Medicare for all?” asked CNN’s Dana Bash.

“I support Medicare for all,” McAuliffe confirmed. “I support that everybody in this country gets access to quality, affordable health care. Whatever you may want to call it. The system today—I was a big supporter of the ACA. We do need to tweak it take it to the next level. We need to fix it. Am I for health care for all individuals, affordable quality health care? You bet I am.”

h/t Washington Free Beacon

BRAZILE BACKLASH: DNC Boss REFUSES to Acknowledge Hillary 'Rigged' Election

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.08.17

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez continues to deflect questions over Hillary Clinton’s secret takeover of the DNC, repeatedly refusing to answer questions over whether the former Secretary of State stole the nomination from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Perez was speaking with Fox News this week when he was pressed over Donna Brazile’s recent allegations that the Hillary Campaign seized control of the Democratic Party nearly a year before securing the nomination.

“I’ve got to ask you about Donna Brazile, Tom. Obviously, she’s railing against the DNC in her new book. We’ve seen her all over the place revealing fresh divides within the party in the aftermath of the 2016 election,” said Fox’s Maria Bartiromo. “What is going on, Tom?”

“Donna’s a good friend and I think you need to ask her that question,” Perez said. “What I can tell you, Maria, is that I was out on the stump everywhere and there wasn’t one person who asked me about Donna Brazile and the past. They were asking me about their health care; they wanted to continue the process that Terry McAuliffe has made in Virginia. They wanted to make sure we had people uniting us and not dividing us.”

“Obviously there was a real division within the Party, Tom,” fired-back Bartiromo. “It was rigged, everybody was behind Hillary Clinton and not Bernie Sanders.”

Watch Tom Perez dodge the question above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon

CLINTON INSIDER: ‘Hillary is Never Going to be on a Ballot Again’

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.29.18

Longtime Clinton insider and prominent Democrat Terry McAuliffe threw cold-water on Hillary’s recent comments that stoked speculation of a potential third run; saying the former Secretary of State will “never” appear on the ballot again.

McAuliffe was speaking during a recent interview Monday when he was asked to comment on Clinton’s suggestion she may consider a run for the White House after the 2018 midterm elections.

“It’s hard for Hillary. She got three million more votes than Donald Trump did in the last presidential election. But I feel confident in saying I think Hillary is never going to be on the ballot again, I think she is done running for elected office. She’s going to be out helping candidates. But I feel very confident in saying she’s not going to run for president,” said McAuliffe.

Clinton raised eyebrows Friday while speaking at an event in New York City; saying she “wants to be President” and would consider a potential third-run for the Oval Office after the high-stakes 2018 midterm elections.

Read the full story here.

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