ISRAEL ON EDGE: Thousands of Palestinians PROTEST, Multiple Fatalities Reported

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.30.18

Hundreds of injuries and multiple fatalities are reported after thousands of Palestinians launched a massive protest against Israeli forces Friday; attacking a border fence in the Hamas-controlled territory of Gaza.

According to the Times of Israel, at least seven people were killed in the clashes ahead of the Jewish holiday of Passover, with Israeli Defense Forces estimating over 20,000 demonstrators launched what they described as a “March of Return.”

“The army said organizers of the protests were deliberately trying to place civilians in harm’s way, and cited an incident in which it said a seven-year-old girl was sent to the security fence in an apparent cynical attempt to draw Israeli fire,” writes the Times.

The demonstrations are the largest protests seen in the region since President Trump officially declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel; sparking protests throughout Palestinian territory as well as other major cities in the Middle East.