ISIS STRIKES BACK: Terror Group SLAUGHTERS DOZENS in Afghanistan Attack

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.28.17

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for Thursday’s devastating multiple suicide-bomb attack in the heart of Afghanistan’s capital, killing at least 41 people and injuring nearly 100 at a cultural center in Kabul.

According to the New York Post, ISIS used three suicide bombers to slaughter dozens at a the Shiite Muslim Cultural Center in the center of the city, where hundreds of people gathered to mark the anniversary of the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan nearly forty years ago.

“We were inside the hall in the second row when an explosion from behind took place,” said a student who was on the scene. “After the blast there was fire and smoke inside the building and everyone was pleading for help.”

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani addressed the nation a short-time later, calling the suicide-bombings a “crime against humanity.”

“The terrorist have killed our people,” said Ghani. “The terrorists have attacked our mosques, our holy places and now our cultural center.”