ILLNESS IN SEATTLE: Police Officer Sues City for $10 MILLION for Exposure to ‘Toxins’ at Homeless Camp

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.20.19

A Seattle Police Officer filed a lawsuit against the city this week; claiming he was exposed to “toxins” and other hazardous material while cleaning up a homeless camp in an industrial park.

“Timothy Gifford claims he was exposed to high concentrations of the toxic chemical compounds polychlorinated biphenyls, (PCBs) that were once widely used in electrical equipment such as capacitors and transformers, according to The Seattle Times,” reports Fox News. “Gifford says the exposure worsened a lifelong liver condition, causing him to be diagnosed with early-onset Type 2 diabetes.”

“The exposure to these toxins damaged his already susceptible liver even further,” his lawyer said

The City of Seattle now spends more than $100,000 per homeless person as the region struggles to clampdown on widespread crime and drug use.

“The richest man in America calls Seattle home. So do thousands of others who are forced onto the streets because they are too poor, too addicted or too detached from reality. At night, the city’s homeless sleep wherever they can — in tents crammed in parking garages, in parks or under highway overpasses. Some feel victimized by a society that has moved on without them,” reports Fox News.

“Like Los AngelesSan Francisco and Portland, Ore., Seattle’s homeless crisis didn’t happen overnight. Little by little, the city has succumbed to skyrocketing housing prices, rampant drug use and progressive policies that have made it easy for people to openly feed their addictions and commit crimes and that have made it hard for the mentally ill to get treatment,” adds Fox.

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