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How E-Learning Kickstarted My Career As An Entrepreneur

posted by Mark Myerson - 10.12.21

After I graduated high school, which was just over two decades back, I watched most of my friends take loans to go to expensive private universities and colleges. As the privatized education industry in the United States has only grown larger and more expensive over time, countless individuals have acquired monumental debt to learn traits and skills that you can learn today with a simple internet connection.

I did not go to college and worked as a landscaper for 15 years. One day, I pulled a muscle in my back, and gone were the days of manual labor for me. Stuck without a degree, coming up on being middle-aged—I was honestly pretty worried about what I would do. I did some research on the internet about careers that somebody could embark on without a degree, and articles about entrepreneurialism kept popping up. Well, I loved the landscaping business and knew it inside and out—so this made me wonder if I could start my own business that I would manage and operate while hiring skilled laborers to do the landscaping that my body could no longer handle. 

Starting A Business With No Experience 

My ambitions were soon met with a lot of discouraging discoveries. To start a modern business five years ago, as with today, I needed to figure out how to build a website, make it look attractive, and make it functional. Then, I had to create a business plan, hire laborers and reach a customer base. I was overwhelmed by all of these entrepreneurial verticals, that was until I discovered a fantastic educational tool that I could use from home, and for a fraction of the cost of a private university or college. My lifetime access subscription to StackSkills saved my life and set me on a path towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

This one subscription gave me the tools I needed to learn new skills and discover my potential with access to over 1,000 premium online courses on coding, design, marketing, and much more. 

Falling In Love With Learning

When I first began using StackSkills, I was focused on getting my business up and running. I dove into a bundle of courses centered around being a successful modern entrepreneur. These courses gave me my foundation in website building, SEO, social media, and setting up an e-commerce business. Using that background, I was able to build a simple website using Squarespace, and I started working on growing my business. 

As I began trying to attract customers and workers for my landscaping venture, I kept taking StackSkills classes to improve my knowledge and expertise. I also continued studying, because I found it fun and engaging. When my Squarespace site felt limited in terms of how I could design it, and how customers could reach out to me for quotes on projects—I took a StackSkills course on web development. From there, I went on to study common coding languages such as Python and GitHub. These classes gave me the tools I needed to expand my website’s capabilities, and therefore its reach. 

In the years since subscribing, I’ve studied so many topics on StackSkills premier online learning platform. With my membership, I can explore as many of the 1,000+ StackSkills courses available as I want. From growth hacking to photography and drawing—my studies have varied from being directly related to my growing business to being purely for pleasure. 

Developing A New Line of Income 

After a lot of research and effort, I eventually started booking jobs through my landscaping website by using the marketing techniques I learned in my StackSkills trainings. I am so grateful that the StackSkills collection offers courses that range from beginner to advanced, so I could progress in terms of my capabilities as time went on. As the business began to take shape and run pretty well on its own, I actually began to start receiving attention for the quality of our website and social media pages. As a product of this attention, I slowly started taking on website-building and social media projects. When that workload became too much for me to handle, I used my knowledge to train specialists in each of these areas, and then without planning, my landscape company slowly started to take some digital marketing jobs.

I entered this experiment with a pure desire to work, learn, and grow, By joining StackSkills, I was able to realize my ambitions of launching a landscaping business that was beneficial to both customers and laborers. I also stumbled backward into a thriving industry that I’ve grown to understand and love very much.

StackSkills Saved Me & A Lot Of Others 

After doing just a bit of research, I discovered that I was not alone in my love affair with the StackSkills platform. The sprawling StackSkills library has been rated 4.5/5 stars on TrustPilot. PC Mag wrote, “Lifetime access to StackSkills Unlimited empowers you to discover your potential.” And the platform has earned glowing reviews from the likes of Engadget and PCWorld. 

To break down how valuable my StackSkills Unlimited subscription has been to me, I would need to calculate my total income from the last 5 years, all of the joy and fun I had pursuing it, and I would need to forecast all of the forthcoming profits and new ventures that can I can still gain with my access to the ever-growing selection of educational materials (over 50 new courses are added to StackSkills every month). 

On top of giving me a profession, a business, and some money in the bank—the knowledge I’ve acquired with my StackSkills membership has also given me purpose and direction. I wake up every day excited to learn more and then figure out how to use that new knowledge to grow my ventures, and you can’t put a price on that. 

If you’re pondering expensive student loans and an all-consuming undergraduate program, or you’re trying to change industries or get a business off the ground, then I highly recommend grabbing a subscription to StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access. Valued at $299.99, this valuable program is on sale now for just $59. 


StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access – $59

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