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How A Single Toothbrush Boosted My Confidence

posted by Mark Myerson - 10.13.21

Sometimes, when we are down and out, or going through a funk—it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly what’s keeping us from breaking through. Sometimes we’ve fallen lazy and need to pick up a new workout routine. Or perhaps we hit a roadblock at work and need some time away to rethink it and recharge our engines, And other times, something is just wrong, and it’s simply not apparent what that thing is. 

This is how I felt last year. Things at work were fine, but stagnant—I had been working the same position for years without any signs of a raise or promotion on the horizon. I had been dating and had some success, but to be honest, that was a pretty slow-moving ship as well. Generally, I felt self-conscious and cheap and just not that well put-together. Overall, this period of time was not fun, but it did lead me to one embarrassing night and then a major breakthrough. 

Realizing Something Needs To Change

I just had what seemed to be a lovely date with a gorgeous woman who I had met through a dating app. We talked all night, saw a great movie, and had a brilliant walk through the city back to drop her off at her place once all of our activities wrapped up. I felt that the vibe was right, and right before we parted ways, I leaned in for a kiss. This woman, who I was falling for, stopped me. She apologized. And then, as respectfully as she could, she told me, and I kid you not, “I’m so sorry, it’s not that I’m not attracted to you. It’s just that your breath smells really bad. I don’t want to make you feel bad, it just does!” 

I told her I understood and then bashfully went home. I didn’t understand. I brushed my teeth twice a day just like the dentist told me. I told a buddy soon after, and he asked what kind of toothbrush I used. I didn’t even know the brand, so I just told him some cheap brush from Walmart, the kind I had always bought. He asked me, “Would you rather clean your apartment with some old cheap broom, or a new, powerful vacuum?” And when I said I’d prefer the latter, he said, “You should treat your teeth the same way.” 

After a bit of digging, I found the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case with 8 Dupont Brush Heads. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was exactly the thing that would bring me out of my funk. 

An Amazing Brush

First and foremost, I feel like the AquaSonic changed my life because it works well and was super easy to use. An Amazon’s Choice product with 4.6 out of 5 stars, this electric toothbrush removes up to 10 times more plaque than your average toothbrush. If you’re wondering whether or not this difference is noticeable—trust me, it most certainly is. 

A high-end toothbrush, the AquaSonic Black Series is made in a way that lets you customize your brushing experience with modes for softer brushing, whitening, massaging, and deep cleaning. Coming equipped with a 40,000 VPM motor, this powerful and effective brush is great at dissolving stains and whitening your teeth at the same time. 

Before getting my AquaSonic Black Series, I thought I had pretty clean teeth. It wasn’t until after I had been using it for some time, and I was able to see just how white my teeth could get. I had been missing out! I used the AquaSonic every day after getting it and soon threw out my cheap, plastic brush. With my purchase, there was also a travel case with 8 brush heads, so I can change it up and keep going as time goes on. 

How A Toothbrush Changed My Life 

After using my AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush for a while, my attitude and feelings around everything started to change. Even though I hadn’t noticed my poor-smelling breath on my own beforehand, I certainly felt refreshed by the newly improved smell and taste within my mouth. This helped grow my confidence, which I took into the office and out into my dating life. 

I kid you not, I ended up working extra hard at work and finding new opportunities that I wouldn’t have without putting myself out there. This led to the discovery of a new role within the company, which was offered to me upon its creation. So, that promotion and raise that seemed nowhere in sight before, was now created by my work and then given to me. Sure, the toothbrush itself probably didn’t net me that promotion, but it gave me the confidence to chase it! That created another massive confidence boost inside of me. 

Considering how well things were going, I decided to follow up with that woman who had told me I had bad-smelling breath on our date. I promised it would smell better this time around, which she accepted with a laugh and an agreement to meet up. Our second date went off without a hitch, and sure enough, I didn’t get any complaints about my breath. 

Spreading The Good Word

Throwing out my cheap plastic toothbrushes boosted my confidence, so I’ve been telling my friends to ditch theirs as well. When somebody asks me if I have an example of what more advanced toothbrush they should try, I tell them my story, and then I recommend the AquaSonic. 

Sometimes people are surprised by how confident I am in a single product, but then I tell them how it helped improve my gum and overall oral health. I tell them how the side effects of using this toothbrush gave me confidence, helped me get the job I have today, and begin a relationship with the woman who I am committed to still today. 

If you’re looking to break out of a funk, consider picking up the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case with 8 Dupont Brush Heads for only $39.99.


AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case with 8 Dupont Brush Heads – $39.99

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