Donna Brazile DISHES on Clinton’s Mysterious Illness

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.11.17

Former head of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile is finally opening-up about the serious questions surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health, saying the doomed nominee was frequently “under the weather” and urging the White House hopeful to “go get a doctor” before she infamously collapsed in New York City.

The interim DNC boss was speaking with radio host Hugh Hewitt when she was asked to weigh-in on the ongoing mystery surrounding the former Secretary of State’s health issues, adding Clinton should have seen a doctor before appearing at a September 11th memorial event in NYC.

“I was in New York with her, I could tell from her mannerisms just a few minutes before that she was under the weather. She wasn’t feeling good,” said Brazile. “I saw her on Friday night. She’s under the weather. What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong. Go get a doctor and make a good analysis.”

“I don’t think they knew at the time that video would go viral, and that video would tell a different story. And as a result of that video going viral, I had to make a very difficult decision,” she added. “I had to confer with people who were calling me about what if, what if. And luckily, we never got to that. But I did have to think through what if she did not recover.”

Brazile made national headlines earlier this year when she admitted the DNC had weighed the possibility of removing Hillary Clinton from the 2016 Democratic ticket over serious concerns about the candidate’s health. Just weeks ago, Clinton reportedly fell down a flight of stairs while visiting the UK, quickly canceling television appearances to promote her recent memoir.