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HELL FREEZES OVER: NY Times Reporter Admits Trump Deserves ‘ENORMOUS CREDIT’ for North Korea Progress

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.07.18

A reporter for the New York Times publicly admitted on left-leaning CNN this week that President Trump deserves “enormous credit” for ratcheting up the pressure on North Korea and forcing Kim Jong Un back to the negotiating table.

CNN contributor David Sanger was commenting on Kim’s recent announcement that he would be willing to “freeze” his nuclear program and halt future tests if talks with the US could be resumed.

“In terms of giving President Trump the credit, don’t you have to rewind the tape back further than the Olympics. During his campaign, during the transition, he was already saying things that were unorthodox. He was already saying that he would sit down and negotiate,” said host Alisyn Camerota.

“Did that set the table for the South and the North to have this Olympic moment?” she asked.

“That did, and the imposition of truly deep sanctions -which the US stepped out to enforce- probably gave an additional motivation for Kim Jong Un to realize he had to get into some talks that would relieve that pressure,” said Sanger. “President Trump deserves enormous credit for ratcheting up that pressure.”

“There’s no reason the Obama administration couldn’t have done that, and they didn’t,” he added.

Watch the admission above.

HELL FREEZES OVER: A-List Actress Calls HILLARY’S Anti-Trump Rhetoric ‘DISGUSTING’

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.27.18

Hollywood celebrity and liberal activist Jennifer Lawrence had some harsh words for tinsel town during a recent interview, saying actors should avoid political posturing and blasting Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump campaign rhetoric “disgusting.”

Lawrence was speaking with Vanity Fair when she threw cold water on fellow celebrity activists, saying Democrats made a “huge mistake” in attacking President Trump’s supporters ahead of the 2016 general election.

“The Democrats made a huge mistake by chastising the Trump supporters, and that was disgusting to me,” said the A-list actress. “Of course they’re not going to vote for Hillary Clinton; they’re going to vote for Donald Trump. You laughed at them when their plight is very real.”

“I’ve always thought that it was a good idea to stay out of politics,” she added. “Twenty-five percent of America identifies as liberal and I need more than 25 percent of America to go see my movies. It’s not wise, career-speaking, to talk about politics.”

Lawrence made headlines late last year when she bizarrely suggested Texas “deserved” multiple hurricanes in response to GOP voters largely ignoring “climate change.”


posted by Hannity Staff - 2.05.18

Sanity and reason returned to CNN for a brief moment Monday morning when an anchor at the cable news network called-out the liberal hypocrisy regarding the recently released FISA memo; asking a left-wing legislator if releasing a “Democratic rebuttal” would be “extremely reckless as well.”

CNN host Alisyn Camerota was speaking with Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar earlier Monday; pressing the California congressman to comment on the House Intelligence Committee’s decision to release the controversial FISA memo last week.

“Let’s put all of these memos out there and let the American public decide and weigh-in,” said Aguilar. “It’s been ridiculous. This is a failed partisan attempt to discredit the FBI because the FBI is investigating the President and his associates.”

“How can their release be extremely reckless, but you want the Democratic rebuttal released?” asked Camerota. “Isn’t that the same thing? Wouldn’t that be extremely reckless as well?”

Watch the brief moment of sanity below:

h/t Daily Caller

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