HELL FREEZES OVER: NY Times Editorial Board TRASHES De Blasio, Democrats for Amazon Disaster

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.15.19

The left-leaning New York Times Editorial Board utterly unloaded on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and other Democrats Friday for Amazon’s decision to abandon their plans for a regional headquarters; calling their actions a total “embarrassment.”

“This embarrassment to the city presents a painful lesson in how bumper-sticker slogans and the hubris of elected — and corporate — officials can create losers on all sides,” the Editorial Board wrote.

“Elected officials who identify as progressive painted Amazon as a rapacious engine of inequality,” they added. “They missed an opportunity to try to get the company to help address housing and infrastructure problems that the development, for all its benefits, would exacerbate.”

“You have to be tough to make it in New York City,” said De Blasio following Amazon’s announcement.

“What a strange thing for the mayor to take pride in. It’s certainly true that you have to be tough these days. But that’s because the subways don’t work, the streets are gridlocked, the housing is unaffordable, the shelters are overcrowded, and the schools are segregated and often inadequate,” mocked the editorial board.

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