HELL FREEZES OVER: CNN Gives Trump 'A LOT OF CREDIT' for Immigration Talks

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.10.18

Despite its turbulent relationship with President Trump, cable news giant CNN heaped praise on the Commander-in-Chief after he launched his bipartisan effort to reform the nation’s outdated immigration system; saying he “deserves a lot of credit” for allowing cameras into the tense negotiations.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer was speaking with senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta when the two weighed-in on Trump’s historic decision to broadcast his round-table discussion on DACA, the border wall, and other highly-contested issues as Congress prepares to tackle immigration reform.

“I’ve got to give the President of the United States a lot of credit. He allowed the TV cameras in there for this really remarkable meeting. I’ve covered the White House as you have for many years, I don’t remember when a White House has allowed TV cameras in such an unusual meeting.”

Blitzer’s comments regarding Trump comes just days after White House advisor Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jake Tapper engaged in a fiery exchange; with Miller slamming the network after the anchor questioned the President’s mental health and fitness for office.

Tapper eventually cut off the Trump advisor’s microphone, telling him that he’d “wasted” enough of his viewers time.

h/t Washington Examiner