GREAT AGAIN: US Unemployment FALLS to 3.9%, Lowest Since 2000

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.04.18

The US economy continues to soar under President Trump just months after the GOP-sponsored tax cuts, with unemployment rates falling to the lowest levels seen since 2000.

According to new data released by the federal government, job growth smashed expectations in April and cut the US unemployment rate to just 3.9%; signaling a growing economy heading into the second quarter of 2018.

“For the April report, the unemployment rate came in at 3.9%, down from the prior month’s 4.1%, lower than expectations. Prior to April, the unemployment rate was at 4.1% for six consecutive months,” writes Fox Business.  “April’s 3.9% is a signal of an increasingly competitive job market, and the lowest reading since 2000.”

“The reality is that the economy is still on relatively solid ground, and the labor market is quite strong. This will likely not change the outcome of the Fed meeting in June, as layoffs are few, the Fed is now closer to its inflation target of 2% than it has been in quite some time,” a senior analyst told Fox.