GRAHAM’S STAND: ‘I’m Over With This, It’s a Joke, We’re Not Going to Impeach this President’

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.14.19

Senator Lindsey Graham threw more cold-water on the Democrats’ latest Ukrainian impeachment fantasy Thursday; saying he’s “over with this, this whole thing is a joke.”

“I’m really over with this. This whole thing is a joke. I’m not persuaded by the argument… Nothing happened here. We’re not going to impeach this President over this. It’s over, it’s done with,” Graham told reporters at the US Capitol

Graham spoke with Sean Hannity Wednesday night on the Democrats’ disastrous televised impeachment hearings; saying any trial in the US Senate “cannot be based on hearsay.”

“The trial is in the Senate. Let’s say they get 218 votes, here’s what I promise the country: We’re not going to try the President of the United States based on hearsay. Any resolution setting up a trial in the Senate, I’m going to make sure that hearsay cannot be the basis of an impeachment allegation,” said Graham.

“A trial in the Senate should not legitimize what’s going on in the House. No American is denied the right to call witnesses on their behalf instead of Donald Trump,” he added.

Watch Graham on ‘Hannity’ above.