GRAHAM SLAM: Lindsey Graham UNLOADS on Mueller’s ‘CONFUSING AND SAD’ Testimony

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.24.19

Sen. Lindsey Graham weighed-in Wednesday afternoon on Robert Mueller’s “confusing and sad” testimony before Congress; calling his behavior “dangerous and ridiculous.”

“Wow. Robert Mueller changing the job of a prosecutor from proving someone ‘Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt’ to ‘Not being able to exonerate someone accused of a crime.’ Dangerous and ridiculous. Thus far Mueller completely contradicts what he told AG Barr about the reason not to proceed on the obstruction of justice. He told AG Barr that the decision not to proceed was not solely based on the OLC opinion but on complicated facts in the law. Mueller hearing becoming very confusing and sad,” posted Graham on social media.

The mainstream media is already downplaying Robert Mueller’s highly-anticipated testimony hours before its conclusion; labeling the event a ‘Day of Disappointments’ for Congressional Democrats.

“It’s hard to understand what congressional Democrats hope to achieve by summoning a reluctant Robert Mueller to appear before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on Wednesday,” reports the Week.

“The former special counsel’s exhaustive 448-page report has been done for nearly four months. It’s been public for three, with the country having plenty of time to absorb its comically anti-climactic conclusion,” adds the website. “So here we are, waiting for Democrats to question Mueller on the subject, even though he has made it quite clear that he won’t answer any questions beyond the bounds of what’s in the report itself. What’s likely to come from that? Legally speaking, the answer is almost certainly nothing. And politically speaking? Maybe even less.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared flustered in the opening hours of his Congressional testimony Wednesday; asking lawmakers to repeat their questions and dodging direct inquiries into Fusion GPS and the infamous Steele Dossier.

“The longtime lawman was known to be reluctant to testify, having made clear he would largely stick to the boundaries of his original report. He reiterated Wednesday that his testimony before House committees would be based on the text of his report on Russian election interference and potential obstruction of the investigation,” reports Fox News.

“As defined in legal dictionaries, collusion is largely synonymous with conspiracy as that crime is set forth in the general federal conspiracy statute,” Rep. Doug Collins read from the report. “Now, you said you chose your words carefully. Are you contradicting your report right now?”

“Not when I read it,” Mueller replied.

“No, no, the uh, if you look at the language,” deflected Mueller.

Read the full story at The Week.

GRAHAM: Dems will SORELY Regret Mueller Testimony: ‘This Will Blow Up in Their Faces’

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.26.19

Former special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before Congress after being subpoenaed by both the House Judiciary and House Intelligence committees.

The subpoenas were issued Tuesday night for Mueller to appear at an open session on July 17th.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appeared on “Hannity” to say the Democrats’ stunt will “blow up in their face.”

Sen. Graham: Mueller testifying will blow up in House Democrats' faces

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham reacts to Robert Mueller agreeing to testify before Congress.

Posted by Sean Hannity on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The senator also envisioned some of the questions Mueller will likely be asked — by Republicans, of course.

“Bottom line is, after all of your looking and all the time you had and all the money you spent, did Trump collude with the Russians? No – Do you stand by your report? – Yes,” Graham said.

“It is ‘case-closed’ for me,” he added, making it clear that there’ll be no dog and pony in the Senate. “They can do anything they want to in the House, and I think it will blow up in their face.”

Sean discussed other potential questions for Mueller, for instance, “How do you justify hiring Hillary Clinton’s attorney and hiring only Democrat attorneys?”

“It will blow up in their face. This will blow up in their face,” Graham repeated. “The conclusions can’t change, there is no collusion, that’s what the whole thing was about, to begin with.”

As for alleged obstruction, Graham noted that Trump gave 1.4 million documents to Mueller and let former White House counsel Don McGahn to testified for 30 hours.

COLLUSION DELUSION: Adam Schiff Digs In, Says ‘Plenty of Evidence of Collusion’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.03.19

Rep. Adam Schiff doubled-down on his desperate ‘collusion delusion’ assertions this week; bizarrely stating there’s “plenty of evidence of collusion” despite Robert Mueller’s $30 million investigation that found no connection between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

“There’s plenty of evidence of collusion and corrupt co-mingling of work between the Trump campaign and the Russians. I fully accept that as a prosecutor [Mueller] couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that crime,” said Schiff.

The President unloaded on Rep. Schiff Tuesday over his baseless allegations of collusion between senior Trump aides and the Kremlin; saying there “was no amount” of testimony or documents that would satisfy “Shifty Schiff.”

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