North Korea

GORKA ON HANNITY: Trump’s Foreign Policy ‘VINDICATED’ After North Korea Breakthrough

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.09.18

Dr. Sebastian Gorka stopped by ‘Hannity’ Thursday night to weigh-in on the President’s astonishing foreign policy win on North Korea; telling Sean the breakthrough totally “vindicates” Trump’s policy in the region and ushers in a new era of American leadership.

“I can assure the world [Trump’s] not going to be offering $150 billion in cash and other currencies, nor will he be offering what Bill Clinton gave Kim Jong Un’s father,” said Hannity.

“It’s truly incredible what a massive difference one election makes. We have an administration that’s not going to kowtow to evil regimes. It’s not going to fund terrorist regimes,” said Gorka.

“American leadership is back. We have a President who has walked the walk, talked the talk, and carried a very large stick,” he added. “He’s stood up to this Stalinist dictatorship in North Korea. What’s happened? In just a few months they’ve backed down and they want to talk after decades and decades of appeasement.”

“This is the vindication of the President’s foreign policy. After the crushing of ISIS, this is the biggest foreign policy win that we have seen. It’s less than a year and half into this administration, and this is a problem that’s plagued the West for decades.,” added the former Trump aide.

Watch Dr. Gorka on ‘Hannity’ above.


posted by Hannity Staff - 12.29.17

South Korean authorities announced Friday it had detained a Chinese-based ship and its staff over reports the tanker was sneaking oil supplies to Kim’s regime; a violation of recent UN sanctions that barred such shipments to the communist nation.

According to UPI, officials in Seoul confirmed they had seized the Lighthouse Winmore, a ship registered in Hong Kong that allegedly smuggled over 600 tons of refined oil into North Korea last November; well after the United Nations adopted Resolution 2375 which banned the hermit kingdom from importing fuel.

President Trump weighed-in on the revelation on social media, saying he was “very disappointed” that Beijing refused to comply with the UN mandate, adding that no “friendly solution” to the North Korean crisis would be possible “if this continues.”

“Caught RED HANDED – very disappointed that China is allowing oil to go into North Korea. There will never be a friendly solution to the North Korea problem if this continues to happen!” Trump tweeted.

South Korea’s seizure of a Chinese ship escalates already heightened tensions in the region; with dictator Kim Jong Un vowing to continue to test his rapidly expanding nuclear and missile programs.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: The Moment North Korean Defector DASHES Across DMZ

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.01.17

It’s not uncommon for North Korean defectors to find their way into South Korea, but nearly all cases involve routing through China before heading towards the staunch US ally.

Current estimates say only four people have successfully crossed the DMZ in several years.

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