posted by Hannity Staff - 3.20.18

The school security officer who “engaged” a would-be murderer in southeast Maryland Tuesday has been identified by local officials; with parents around the country praising his heroic actions that saved countless lives of students and faculty.

According to the Washington Post, police have named Blaine Gaskill, a 34-year old St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Deputy, as the guard who fired at least one shot at the unnamed attacker; stopping the rampage before any fatalities occurred.

While law enforcement have confirmed that Gaskill and the shooter exchanged fire, they claim it could take days to determine if the guard’s bullet was the one that struck and killed the assailant.

“Officials didn’t confirm whether Gaskill hit the attacker, who was pronounced dead at and has not been identified, or whether he took his own life,” writes the Post.  “St. Mary’s County Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron said there was ‘no question’ that Gaskill’s quick arrival at the scene and immediate engagement with the shooter prevented more injuries.”

A 16 year old female student and a 14 year old male student were injured during the incident; with no known motive at this time.

GOOD GUY WITH A GUN: Armed School Officer TAKES DOWN Shooter, Saves Lives

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.20.18

A lone gunman was shot and killed Tuesday morning after opening fire at a southeast Maryland high school; being stopped by a heroic armed security officer who engaged the shooter within seconds.

According to Fox News, the suspect is the only fatality; with one male and one female student injured during the ordeal.

“Our school resource officer was alerted to the event. he pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter, fired a round at the shooter,” St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron said. “The shooter fired a round as well. In the hours and days to come, we’ll be able to determine if our school resource officer’s round struck the shooter.”

The armed guard’s actions prevented the likely deaths of countless students and staff, and highlights President Trump’s recent push to “harden” America’s schools from future mass shootings.

The Commander-in-Chief called for armed teachers and more security guards in the wake of last months’ deadly attack on a south Florida high school; saying “We have to harden our schools, not soften them. A gun free zone to a killer, that’s like going in for ice cream.”


posted by Hannity Staff - 3.15.18

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office released shocking new footage Thursday, showing an armed deputy standing idly outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a massacre unfolded inside the building.

The Department released the 27-minute clip that shows the immediate chaos and aftermath after 19-year old Nikolas Cruz opened fire at the Parkland, Florida high school; killing seventeen.

The surveillance footage shows Deputy Scot Peterson waiting outside the building, refusing to enter despite multiple gunshots and shattered windows as students screamed for help.

Peterson initially claimed he believed the shooter to be located outside the school, somewhere near the football field, but recently released dispatch audio shows he warned fellow officers to “stay away” from two specific buildings where Cruz conducted his rampage.

“Do not approach the 12 or 1300 building, stay at least 500 feet away,” Peterson was heard saying over the radio.

Watch the shocking footage below:

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