GOIN’ GREEN! Sen. Warren Says She’ll BAN New Fossil Fuel Leases on DAY ONE of Presidency

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.24.19

Massachusetts Senator and potential 2020 Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren continued to unveil a series of controversial proposals Wednesday; saying she would sign a “total moratorium” on future fossil fuel leases on the “first day” of her presidency.

“We need to act on climate change before it’s too late. That’s why I’m making a promise. On the first day of a Warren administration, I’ll sign a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases, including for drilling offshore and on public lands,” posted Warren on social media.

Warren’s pledge comes hours after she called for tuition-free college across America and the cancelation of 95% of student loan debt; a program that economists say would cost taxpayers $1.25 trillion over the next decade.