GLOVES OFF: McConnell SLAMS Schumer, Senate Dems for DACA DISASTER

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.15.18

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Democratic lawmakers on the Senate floor Thursday; blasting his liberal colleagues for tainting the immigration debate by insisting that DACA recipients take priority over border security and other issues important to Republican voters.

McConnell called-out the left-wing legislators in a fiery speech at the US Capitol, saying Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and fellow Democrats have accomplished nothing during the weeklong debate except “slow the process as much as possible.”

“The entire week has been set aside, as I assured it would be, for votes on the DACA issue, border security, and other issues pertaining to the subject of immigration. Wrapping up a lively week of at this point we should be debate, amendments, and numerous votes. That’s not what happened,” McConnell said.

“Remember, our Democratic friends wanted this debate. Actually shut down the federal government for 300 million Americans unnecessarily to guarantee we could have this debate and at this particular time, this week. They spent months insisting DACA is a top priority for them and telling their constituents they’d do everything they could to resolve it,” he added.

“All they’ve done so far is to slow the process as much as possible. It turns out they didn’t want a fair, open, free-wheeling amendment process after all,” said the GOP leader.

McConnell’s comments come as President Trump threatened to veto the proposed legislation; saying it would “weaken” America’s borders and encourage millions of illegal aliens to pour into the United States.

h/t Daily Caller